Programming Team

The Programming team is one of the principle teams on the Wired Devils. This team has diversified its aim from being a small subteam that worked solely on the robot to one filled with a diversity of projects, interests and people.

Our Development Teams

Robot Development

This team is responsible for creating the brains of the robot! The robot development team utilizes the java programming language (and the dedication of the hardworking members) to develop the right code for our robot to achieve great things!

Advanced Visioning and Machine Learning

This development team is focused on the future of autonomous and vision on the Wired Devils. This team is responsible for rigging and maintaing our cameras and visioning tools through learning skills such as coding in python and development on raspbian software.

Web Development

The Web Development Team focuses on running, repairing and improving our team's website. Members learn web design, backend and web development skills while collaborating and contributing to the success of the team as a whole

Hardware Team

The Hardware Team is a junior team within the Programming Team. The Hardware Team is focused on ensuring that our computers are consistently up to date and running smoothly! This important team is for those that are interested in building and maintaining the computers the Wired Devils to victory!