About Us

About Us

Our first year, we were an “orphan” team without a home or workshop space, but that did not stop us. From October through December, our team met weekly using a mathematics classroom to train and prepare for the FRC Kickoff. We were persistent with our request for workshop space and our high school graciously accepted our request to use the old auto shop room as our robotics workshop. We moved in the week of kickoff which was on January 3, 2015.

The Goon Squad (Team 3604), a local 6th year veteran team from Woodhaven High School, served as our key mentor team. They have given their robot to our high school so as to attract team members and ultimately recruit them to our team as well as a design workshop for our team coupled with valuable hands-on help and resources. Other local FRC teams which have graciously assisted our team with supplies, tools, advice and resources, include: Trenton Torque-Nados (Team 5090) and Taylor TNT (Team 280). During the season, we built and programmed our first successful robot and with the help of the business team, we won a multitude of awards that brought us to the State and World Competitions.

Last year, we were able to double our numbers and increase interest in our team. We attracted a variety of new students and mentors. During the competition season, we built a brand new robot from scratch and improved on it throughout the season. Our team also managed to start various new fundraisers and attended multiple STEAM and business related events. Though we ended the competition season early, we spent much of the remaining time of the year participating in various events and planning for the future.


Team 5498 has had the opportunity to interact with many teams and experience various opportunities through our first 2 years FRC Michigan Regional Champinship and FRC World Championship Rookie All-Star Award at the Woodhaven District Event Rookie Inspiration and Industrial Safety awards at Bedford District Event Rookie All-Star award at States and Rookie Inspiration in the Galileo division at the FRC World Championship Local Newspapers Doubling our team size Formed close relationships with worldwide teams such as team 5554, The Poros, from Israel.

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